Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Real Cozy Me

Here are couple of pix of the real me...with no makeup, with yucky baggy clothes on, just laying around the house. There's worse ones...way worse...and much better ones....but here are two for all intents and purposes that portray the real me...stuff around all was Christmas (so its not really unexpected.) I'm starting to feel that if something embarrasses you--and you

try and hide it...then its not right, and you're not happy with it...maybe its one of those things that pull you down....
Anyway, I wanted this to be a true reflection of ME and my life...I'm not just writing all the good stuff...I will also write about my not so good stuff and show you AND MORE IMPORTANTLY---ME!!!---so that I cannot hide from it....the real me...what is really real.
I feel a little better already. Hey, this would be good for loosing weight...I could take a baseline picture...and then every two weeks take another pix...I could also write down daily how much I eat (how healthy!) and what good and true things I accomplished during that day...Hmmm....not a bad idea. I'll think about that. I can decide on goals and chart my progress...Hmm!!...even add in my very own favorite links on here, so that this can be my homepage (kind of) and I can do everything from here. Maybe I will come up with something really helpful. Oh, I could add a place for a bible verse too, everyday...a verse that somewhat reflects what I am going thru, feeling or thinking about.
Still cozy...kind of...

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