Saturday, February 10, 2007

before and after....

In the beginning, there was hair...

and then after that, there was air!
No seriously, my husband works very hard on his body--he lifts weights. Of course in the picture above he's hamming it up, but he is pretty large. And he recently decided to shave his head because his hair is receding. The jury is still out on whether it was the right decision or not. When I get a better picture of him, I will post it. Love ya Andrew! xxx

Hi there

Hi...Its me again! Well, who else would it be? I was just adding my links, and little pix, and arranging things....Goodbye for now.


My dresser!
The books on the right are Queen Victoria books, and the books on the left are fiction ones---ones that I am trying to look through.
I just showered and dressed in a new blue shirt and did my make-up. But the house isnt clean--well, not really...and I am upset because there isnt a wash in for Matthew. You'd think I would get up and do it...wouldn't you??
Okay...wait...I will....
Well..forget it...we arent sure what he is going to wear today and tommorrow...and we are going to buy him a new outfit today...and I just went in the big laundry box I have for him, and the top fell off of the top box and I can't get it to close, to get to the bottom one. All these excuses, huh?
Andrew brought me home an energy drink--like a b12 drink...just a little bit. We'll see if I feel better. As long as I am writing I feel better. Maybe I will start a fiction story---on here.
See you later.

The Real Cozy Me

Here are couple of pix of the real me...with no makeup, with yucky baggy clothes on, just laying around the house. There's worse ones...way worse...and much better ones....but here are two for all intents and purposes that portray the real me...stuff around all was Christmas (so its not really unexpected.) I'm starting to feel that if something embarrasses you--and you

try and hide it...then its not right, and you're not happy with it...maybe its one of those things that pull you down....
Anyway, I wanted this to be a true reflection of ME and my life...I'm not just writing all the good stuff...I will also write about my not so good stuff and show you AND MORE IMPORTANTLY---ME!!!---so that I cannot hide from it....the real me...what is really real.
I feel a little better already. Hey, this would be good for loosing weight...I could take a baseline picture...and then every two weeks take another pix...I could also write down daily how much I eat (how healthy!) and what good and true things I accomplished during that day...Hmmm....not a bad idea. I'll think about that. I can decide on goals and chart my progress...Hmm!!...even add in my very own favorite links on here, so that this can be my homepage (kind of) and I can do everything from here. Maybe I will come up with something really helpful. Oh, I could add a place for a bible verse too, everyday...a verse that somewhat reflects what I am going thru, feeling or thinking about.
Still cozy...kind of...

Staying Cozy

This is how I stay cozy. Being cozy and safe and secure is very important to me. I need a little haven for myself. I think there's two reasons for that...I have "nerves" and also I am prone to depression. For now, I'll keep this "verycozy" blog just for myself.
When I'm depresssed, I feel the need to write. When I'm nervous I want to as well. Sometimes its journaling, or just writing like this...or writing a story or novel...or just emailing. Its like a release. I did find an interesting book called The Midnight Disease which seems to say that moods and writing and the need to write are very closely linked. Oh, I agree!
I'm not sure what I will call this...or what this blog is designed to might be my cure for might be a place to come to when I am low...writing does help.
My husband is coming home in a couple of hours and we're going to go food shopping and then maybe to dinner and Barnes and Noble. He knows I am down. When I think about it, its a perfect day..I am getting help with the groceries...and also dinner out and maybe a new book...and then I still have Sunday to look forward to. Why don't I feel happy?
I took an extra dose of med this am, and also I have vitamins here to take. My dogs are on the bed, my son is snuggled next to bird is in my bathroom...just steps away. I'm healthy and I just had my blood test and a cat scan and other than cholesterol, I am fine. Anna Nicole died 2 days ago---very sad. I'm lucky that I have my little son next to me...and she lost that. I don't know why she died, but I don't think it helped that she had a broken heart.
Why do I feel so bad? You know I am trying to quit smoking---and I have been allowing myself a certain amount of nicotine daily, by way of nicorette I guess in some ways I'm still hooked...but at least the habit of lighting up is broken..or close to.
Just between us here at the Cozy Corner, the side of my bed doesnt look as nice as the above picture. It's a little messier. I was thinking maybe---I'll do a picture diary. Since I have the HP installed on here, which does printing and pictures, I can transfer whatever I want from the digital camera on here, and so maybe I'll take some pics today of show how I really am. Show what things really look like...
Maybe if I look at my life as a book...with pictures, captions and things to appreciate and enjoy, it will work for me. Help me. Its not that I have a terrible life or anything---I don't. But its sort of a way to keep a diary of lows and highs, good and bad, progress and standstills, hopes and dreams...
I'll write later....I'll try and keep things cozy until I can get back.