Saturday, February 10, 2007


My dresser!
The books on the right are Queen Victoria books, and the books on the left are fiction ones---ones that I am trying to look through.
I just showered and dressed in a new blue shirt and did my make-up. But the house isnt clean--well, not really...and I am upset because there isnt a wash in for Matthew. You'd think I would get up and do it...wouldn't you??
Okay...wait...I will....
Well..forget it...we arent sure what he is going to wear today and tommorrow...and we are going to buy him a new outfit today...and I just went in the big laundry box I have for him, and the top fell off of the top box and I can't get it to close, to get to the bottom one. All these excuses, huh?
Andrew brought me home an energy drink--like a b12 drink...just a little bit. We'll see if I feel better. As long as I am writing I feel better. Maybe I will start a fiction story---on here.
See you later.

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